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Friday, June 30, 2006

Busting A Few More Myths

Deodorant does not cause breast cancer. Somehow or other this rumour got started a few years back and it still persists. However, there is no truth to it, nor has there been any studies that connect breast cancer to deodorant or anti-perspirant. Another myth is that there is a whitening toothpaste that can actually whiten your teeth. The truth of the matter is that there is no toothpaste that will actually whiten your teeth enough for it to be really noticeable. Those that claim to whiten might actually do more harm than good by being more abrasive to the tooth surface. Instead of using a whitening toothpaste to whiten teeth, try something else like Crest whitestrips. Also, great for whitening is Listerine Whitening Mouthwash, which, when used regularly, will actually help whiten teeth.

More Blog Advance News

In their never-ending attempt to compete with other blog surf sites, Blog Advance announced that they will keep the blog surf time at twenty seconds. Also, in honor of Independence Day, Blog Advance will be rewarding surfers a 1.5:1 surf ratio for every blog you surf from now until midnight Sunday. What both announcements mean to you is a chance for you to earn more credits in less time. If you're not already a member, you can sign up by using the icon in my sidebar. You'll get fifty credits for just signing up! Have a great day and don't forget your sunscreen!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Busting Some Beauty Myths

Here are some common beauty myths that need some busting here and now: Those dark circles under your eyes aren't caused by lack of sleep, although less sleep will make them more prominent. Dark circles are heredity and there's really not too much that can be done about them, since facial bone structure has a lot to do with them. The best annecdote for them is a great concealer. Since most women have a yellow undertone, look for a concealer that is more yellow or orange in color to conceal. Those with pink undertones will need a more pink concealer to match skin tone. Another myth is that shaving will cause your hair to grow back thicker. This myth has been going around for years. If your secondary hair looks thicker, it's because it is thicker. Try waxing or using Veet (this is my new favorite product) for hair removal. Here's a myth I really hate and it's that cellulite can be removed by pills, creams or expensive machines. The best way to get rid of it is through diet and exercise, but those cellulite creams that are on the market will temporarily give the appearance of smoother skin. Also, try a self-tanner to give the illusion of smoother skin. Finally, you really need to use sunscreen every day, even if you are just driving in the car or sitting indoors. Windows don't protect you from the harmful rays of the sun so get in the habit of using a sunscreen first thing in the morning. Try one of the new continuous sunscreen sprays like the one from Neutrogena.

Got Milk?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Less Star To View

I wasn't going to blog about this today. I wrote a post about this a couple of months back when it was announced that Rosie O'Donnell would be stepping into Meredith Viera's shoes (as if!). On Tuesday, Star announced, after the first commercial break, that she would be leaving the show as it was taking a turn in a different direction. Apparently, her co-hosts were stunned. Barbara Walters asked the audience to give Star a standing ovation and Joy Behar commented that she wouldn't have anyone to fight with. Star replied "Oh, I think you'll have someone to fight with"(paraphrasing). I hardly ever watch this show anymore, but I cringe at the thought of Rosie O'Donnell trying to bond with these women. I don't see it! She's entirely too caustic, unless you ask her about Madonna, in which case she thinks the heavens will open up just for her. I don't know who will replace Star, but whoever it is I hope they get a year's supply of Zantac as part of their contract. As for Star....she is reportedly talking to three major networks (CBS, CNN and Court TV) for her own show.

Blog Village

Yesterday, one of my readers invited me to join a new blogging community called Blog Village. They are fairly new, but I joined because, after looking over their site, I think this is yet another great way to increase traffic to my blog. You can check them out by clicking the icon in my sidebar.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Little Bit Of This And That

J. K Rowling revealed a few enticing tidbits about her next book, another in the Harry Potter series. Rumour has it that Harry will meet his demise in this newest book. Ms. Rowling said that although one character that she intended to die, got a reprieve, two others will die. She added "A price has to be paid. We are dealing with pure evil here"....and, I might add, a truckload of money for the already incredibly wealthy Ms. Rowling.........Naomi Campbell is once again in the news for again allegedly physically and verbally abusing one of her maids while she is still facing charges of the last allegations that she threw a cell phone at another maid. Someone needs some anger management training!.........Nicole Kidman and her new hubby Keith Urban may or may not be on their honeymoon in Fiji. Although it is a favorite place for Nicole, she did share a honeymoon there with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, so it is speculated that she and Keith headed for Bora Bora instead.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cancel My AOL Account

There's a story that's been making the rounds for the last week or so about a guy named Vincent Ferrari who decided that he wanted to cancel is AOL account. He really wasn't using it much anymore and thought he would save himself an extra bill to pay every month by cancelling his account. He really didn't think it would be that difficult, but he was wrong. Vincent called AOL customer service and reportedly spoke to a young man named John. The conversation began easily enough with Vincent asking John to cancel his AOL account. John did not comply, at least not right away. What ensued between Vincent and John was a twenty minute conversation as to why Vicent wanted to cancel his account. Apparently, this customer service representative was quite miffed that Vincent wanted to cancel his account and asked a slew of questions as to why Vincent wanted to cancel his account. Was there a problem with the account, did he not like the services offered, was there anything in the world John could do to persuade Vincent not to cancel? More than several times during the conversation, Vincent asked John to please just "cancel my AOL account", but John would still not comply. At one point, John asked Vincent if he could put his dad on the phone. Vincent found this very amusing since Vincent is a thirty year-old man who certainly didn't need his father's permission to cancel this or any other account. After what seemed like the longest customer service phone call in creation, Vincent's account was finally cancelled and John eventually was fired. Apparently, Vincent wrote about his phone call on his blog and received so much attention that it made CNN Headline News so AOL really had no other choice but to fire John. The also issued a statement about how their customer service representatives were trained to respond to the needs of customers, blah, blah, blah. Frankly, I'm even impressed that Vincent was actually able to get a realy, live person on the phone. The various times I've attempted to call AOL, I never actually made it all the way to a real, live person so Vincent should consider himself lucky!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Don't Forget To Protect Those Lips

Last summer I was lucky enough to have a long weekend getaway with my husband to Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but I will tell you that while sunning myself poolside one afternoon, I neglected to apply a lip balm with sunscreen to my lips. That was a huge mistake! For weeks afterwards, my lips were painful and peeling. I hadn't had a sunburn anywhere in years, so this was a rude awakening for me about the importance of protecting my lips, all year round, but especially during the summer months. Of course, there are loads of lip balms out there with a sunscreen and Blistex is just one of them, Just check out any local drugstore and there's many to choose from. If it's a little more glam you're looking for, then go no further than Bath and Body Works. C.O. Bigelow makes a fabulous lip gloss that is not only nourishing and glamorous, but has an SPF of 15 in it. Also, don't forget to protect your delicate eye area as well. Eye creams with an SPF are sometimes hard to come by, but they do exist so check out Sephora, Ulta and for some summer protection!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Semi-Annual Sales

There are two big semi-annual sales going on during the month of June. Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works semi-annual sales have already begun, but you can still get great deals. The best deals are to be had in the store itself. Now is a great time to stock up on beautiful lingerie items and body products. This is a great time to begin your holiday shopping!

Blog Advance

Today, June 24th, Blog Advance will be running an all-day special whereby you can earn 1.5 credits for every one blog surfed. At some point during the day, you can earn 2 credits for every one blog surfed. If you are not a member of Blog Advance, you can join by clicking on the icon in my sidebar and automatically receive 50 credits for just signing up.

Internet News

The rumour that Microsoft is looking to purchase Yahoo still persists and cropped up in business news as late as yesterday. Microsoft is perhaps looking to merge is fledgling MSN search engine with Yahoo's in order to compete heavily against Google. Business gurus see this as a very long shot, but from a financial standpoint, Microsoft can't lose from the acquisition. Google is launching a new video feature. Like other video services, you can opt to see a commercial before the video begins or, in Google's case, ends. So far, this is just the experimental stage, but Google hopes to cash in, so to speak, on the assumption that viewing videos of television shows will become more and more popular in the future.

Friday, June 23, 2006

How To Avoid Wedding Bell Blues

June is the second most popular month for weddings. So many brides who are getting married this month, have already planned their big event far in advance, while others are just getting started. One famous designer outlet, sells beautiful, designer gowns at a fraction of their original cost. The only hitch is that you have to be prepared to run a marathon in order to beat your opponents to the most coveted styles. These soon-to-be brides don't even bother trying on the dresses in fitting rooms. They strip in the aisles and try on gowns with their bridal parties guarding their spoils and advising on choices. These girls are wise to try to save pennies where possible. Weddings now can run well over $50,000 and with long-terms goals of young couples including saving for a down payment on a house and having children, saving on a one-time event is the smart thing to do. Another way brides can save on their special day is with flowers. Rather than go with intricate bouquets that can run into the hundreds of dollars, why not think outside the box and add some pizzaz to your wedding party, while saving dollars. Easy to obtain flowers that are in season, are generally your best bets and at dot flowers you can get some gorgeous blooms that won't break your budget. How about some gorgeous calla lillies? These funnel-shaped long-stemmed flowers, which are most available from March through June, make a dramatic statement for both brides and bridesmaids. They are generally six to nine inches in length and one stem adorned with ribbon can be a wonderful diversion from the traditional bouquet. Other flowers that are also readily available are dendrobium orchids. These six-pedaled blooms are least expensive during April through August and come in a variety of colors, great for bridal bouquets or floral centerpieces. Also beautiful for a summer wedding are dahlias and daisies, both readily available this time of year. Whatever you do, let your own personality shine through to make your special day one that is truly unique!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Katherine McPhee's Secret

Kat has a secret and she's ready to share it with the world. The 'American Idol' runner-up, who is ready to release her own single next Tuesday, admits that she suffers from bulemia and kept it a secret from her fans and the cast and crew of 'American Idol' until now. Katherine was suffering so badly from the eating disorder that it began to impact her vocal chords. She was forced to seek help at a Los Angeles clinic and still attends meetings weekly for support. Ironically, Katherines has actually lost thirty pounds since being in treatment. Part of the therapy was to teach her how to eat healthy and properly and by doing so, she shed excess weight. She will be sharing her story in both 'People' and 'Teen People' and says she is honored to be a role model for young girls and women who are suffering from eating disorders and says she feels better than she's felt in years. She credits her parents and boyfriend for their support through the difficult period of recovery.

What's New With Taylor, Heidi and Nicole?

Taylor Hicks brand, new single "Do I Make You Proud" will debut on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 today. The American Idol winner for this past season has already sold 190,000 physical singles and another 38,000 digital downloads of the track according to Neilsen SoundScan......Singer, Seal, announced yesterday that he and his wife, Heidi Klum, are expecting yet another child only ten months after the delivery of their first son, Henry. Heidi also has a two-year old daughter, Leni from a previous relationship.....Stars are reportedly arriving in Sydney for the wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban this Sunday. Naomi Watts, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman are among the celebrities who will be in attendance, but where and when is the mystery. Guests will told to be on call 24 hours in advance for the exact time and place to ward off sneaky papparazzi.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Must Read

Summer is notoriously the biggest book sale season and you will see tons of new, best sellers on book shelves across the country waiting eagerly to be devoured at poolside or on sandy beaches. One book that is a 'must read' for everyone is 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini. I've only just begun to read this book, but as an avid reader, I was hooked by the end of the first sentence of the first chapter. The New York Times Book Review declared this to be a "powerful...haunting" read when the book was first released a couple of years ago, but this is really an understatement. Mr Hosseini writes in such a significant way, like an artist making small brushstrokes to paint a portrait of a land and its people that we, as Americans, try to grapple with on a daily basis. Without giving away any of the story, as so often happens with other book reviews, especially on blogs, I will tell you that you will not at all be disappointed with this book in any way. To say that it will evoke emotion from readers is truly an understatement. Be prepared to shed some tears with this book and to perhaps better understand a part of this world that is a mystery to most of us.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blog Tricks And Tips

If you are a blogger user, then you will find this site very helpful!

This Just In From Blog Advance

Apparently, Blog Advance, in an attempt to upgrade their services, lost all their account information. If you had a Blog Advance account, they are requesting that you sign up again. I assume that this means that with signing up again, you will receive the 50 free credits again. You can use my Blog Advance icon in my sidebar.

Some Juicy Gossip!

Recently, Nicole Kidman did more than elude to the fact that she and Keith Urban were "just friends". Apparently, the two are set to tie the knot this Sunday in a small Catholic church in Sydney, Australia.......Anderson Cooper recently interviewed Angelina Jolie who told him that she and Brad intend to adopt another child in the near future. They are currently looking into various countries to begin the adoption process of either a boy or girl.......Clay Aiken's alleged one night stand is now sorry he spilled the beans to the National Enquirer. John Paulus says that he regrets invading Clay's privacy, but never denied that they were together for a one-night stand. The National Enquirer says that Paulus contacted them on several occasions and was more than willing to talk to them about the alleged liason. I guess this just might be another case where we'll never know what really happened.

The Truth About Sunscreen

There's been some controversy recently with certain skincare companies over how they label their sunscreen. The FDA is taking mislabeling of sunscreen product very seriously and they aim to make sure that skincare companies adhere to the guidelines. Their first issue is with the term "waterproof". Ultimately, there's no such thing as a waterproof sunscreen. All sunscreen must be re-applied after swimming, otherwise, you run the risk of acquiring a sunburn. Their other beef is with UVA/UVB protection. The SPF number does not apply to UVA protection, only to UVB protection. The indication for UVA protection would be 'PA' (PA being the least effective, then PA+, PA++ and PA+++, being the most effective) and often, this is not clearly marked on the bottle. Lastly, there is controversy over the highest SPF that is most effective. The truth is that anything over an SPF 30 is not much more effective. What do those numbers mean anyway? If you use an SPF15, then that means that you can stay out in the sun relatively safely ten times the SPF number longer than you normally would without sunscreen (15 multiplied by 10 equals 150 minutes). In any event, sunscreen of any number needs to be reapplied every couple of hours for the greatest protection.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dieting Made Easy

There's nothing easy about dieting. I know! I've been on a diet now for exactly seven days and I've made little headway, but there is some progress and that's all the encouragement I need to keep dieting and exercising. I always use the internet to do my research and I did come across a website that really does make dieting easier. Have you ever watched those commericals for Nutrisystems or Jenny Craig and think to yourself that this might just be the answer? Think again and check out this website to find out everything you need to know to make the right decision to fit your own personal needs. By the way,, one of my affiliates, got a very high rating from this site along with Just go to to find out more information for just about every diet under the sun!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day so I will only post about this today. Yes, we will be celebrating today after my husband come's limping home from his morning softball game. I'm sure he'll be happy to spend it doing something that he wants to do instead of unselfishly giving up an afternoon to play taxi driver for our two kids. I'm also sure that he will be thinking of his own dad and I will mine, both of whom are deceased. My own dad died when I was still a teenager. He was an eclectic guy who was the first metro-sexual I ever met, meaning that he'd rather be shopping for clothes than watching a football game or working on his car. He was a funny guy who would always end every telephone conversation with "don't take any wooden nickels kid" like some character from an old black and white movie. He's also the only person I ever met who never forgot the punchline of a joke.....I didn't inherit that gene. As funny as he was, he was just as intense (a typical gemini you might say). He was a hard worker who worked during the week as an advertising executive and on the weekends he worked at the Manhattan offices of MGM (yes, they used to have some business offices here in New York). He worked on all the press books that were sent out to movie theatres. We got the neatest things like every soundtrack album to every musical made by MGM, posters and a hologram from "2001, A Space Odessy", which I still have. My dad was an artist and a musician. There was always music playing in our house and I was encouraged to try anything musical and/or artistic. Today, I'll think of him and hope that he somehow knows that I turned out okay and that his grandson, who will going off to college in the not-too-distant future, still picks up his grandfather's guitar every once in a while and plays.......and when he does, I can see my dad smile!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

For Father's Day, How About Some Good, Clean Fun!

Have you completely run out of ideas as to what to do for Father's Day? Rather than spending the day arguing over which movie to see or where to take the kids, how about something that everyone in the family would enjoy....paintball! This is something that my own husband does every year with his friends and they're no kids by any means. Yet, they still find it very enjoyable and it's something everyone in the family can enjoy. There are places where I live where you can go to enjoy paintball or, you could do what my neighbor does, which is buy the supplies yourself and do it right in your own backyard. It's not that expensive and there's nothing harmful about it. You can get some great cheap paintball gear and have a paintball party! Paintball guns or paintball markers were originally used by the forestry and farming industries to mark trees and cattle. Now, it's become a favorite pastime here. If nothing else, you get a big smile from Dad and, if he's in a really good mood, you have a much better chance of getting him to take you all out to dinner! Have a great Father's Day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fabulous Friday!

Today is a fabulous day. Besides the fact that it's friday, the weather is absolutely beautiful and it's my last day of work until September. Yes, I will miss my paycheck over the summer, but my house hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in six months so I have my work cut out for me. Cleaning my kids' rooms alone may take me three weeks. In the meantime, I've been enjoying the re-issued, remastered Barry Manilow "Live" collection which came out on Tuesday. This is the uncut version of his concert recorded back in 1976 in New York City. The original "Live" album only had enough cuts to fill up one CD, but the new, improved package has two CDs including previously unreleased songs and dialogue. This a real treat for diehard fans, but newer fans and civilians will get to hear some vintage songs that Barry rarely sings in concert as well as all the favorites like "Mandy", "Time In New England" and "I Write The Songs". My only disappointment is how hard it is to find in stores. If you can find it anywhere, consider yourself lucky and shame on the record company for not promoting this Legacy Edition more aggressively. If you really want to purchase it, the best way is through The icon is right on my sidebar if I've tempted you in any way. You won't be disappointed. Barry's birthday is tomorrow and he'll either be turning 60 or 63, depending what you read about him.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Benefits Of Benefits

I just want to give a shout out to one of my favorite affiliates, Benefit Cosmetics. You really cannot do better in terms of quality and they are highlighting some of their favorite beauty picks. Just click on one of the items below to find out more or go to the Benefits icon in my sidebar. As always, happy shopping!
Realness of Concealness
Color Plump
Eye Bright
. . . And my personal favorite!
Bathina Gift Set

Give Yourself The Gift Of Beauty

The other day I was reading an advice column where a woman had written in that she was upset that no one was no longer paying attention to her. She had dedicated her life to being a good wife and mother. Now, her husband had left her and her kids had grown up and moved away. She had done nothing at all for herself and nothing she had accomplished just for her. It made me think about how many women forget to put themselves on their lists of priorities. It's so important to be good to yourself and pampering yourself doesn't mean you have to jump on a plane headed for a tropical island. How many of us would really do that anyway if it meant leaving our families? There are little things you can do to make yourself feel better like go for a manicure or pedicure (or both!). I did this the other day with my daughter and I was so happy to be sitting in a chair and letting someone else do the work while I closed my eyes and allowed myself to relax for a few minutes. Another thing I enjoy doing is buying myself flowers. You don't have to spend a fortune to add some beauty to your little world and you certainly don't have to wait for someone else to do it for you. With Father's Day just around the corner, you can do something nice for yourself and something for him too. Order some Flowers for you and for him. You can make something really unique with his flowers like a custom-made monogram which he could hang over his dresser or take to his office. Flowers aren't just for women, they're for everyone. Besides it's a great way for him to get in touch with his feminine side!

The Biggest Loser Probably Won't Be Me

I've made up my mind that I absolutely have to lose about ten pounds. It might not seem much to some of you who have had to lose more than that, but whether it's ten or fifty pounds, dieting is hard work and lots of planning. I've decided to reach out for some assistance since it's become increasingly more difficult to lose weight as I get older (one of the downsides of maturing is a slower metabolism). Although I haven't joined Weight Watchers, I have so many friends who have had success with their program that I'm thinking of doing it from home. They have a great online system where you never have to leave your house to attend a meeting and they will send you a starter kit with everything you need. If you would like more information about their online and other services, you can view them at Another source of support is They are one of my affiliates and I signed up with them a few months ago (it's totally free to sign up for basic benefits). There's so much information and support on this site about what works, what products are the best and lots of message boards with great members sharing their success stories. You can access by clicking on the icon in my sidebar. I'm not looking for miracles here. I just want to put on a pair of jeans that glide on easily and zip up effortlessly. If you've ever been where I am now I would love to hear from you. Advice, comments, support, war stories are all welcome! Can't wait to hear from you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And The Webbie Goes To.......

Prince! So, what the heck are webbies anyway and why should we care about them. When I first heard of this award, I thought perhaps ducks were somehow involved, but there were no ducks to be found at this award show. Webbies are presented to those who have made an impact above and beyond in the internet world. This year's winners included Prince (the one "formerly known as") and Arianna Huffington. There was one guy whose website one for the unique way he proposed to his girlfriend. He used the website to do the proposing for him. He not only got a wife, he got a Webbie. There was another website that won for all the cute little puppies and kittens. Normally, here's where I'd give it a plug with the link, but I won't do that now. Apparently, some of these puppies and kittens were photographed peeping out of the ample breasts of various women (tacky!). There was one strict rule that every winner had to adhere to when accepting their award: keep it to five words (no more, or less). Arianna's five words: "Dahlings, make blogs, not wars". Prince's five words: "Everything you believe is true". He's least where this blog is concerned.

A Little Bit Of Gossip

Angelina and Brad are not the only new parents on the planet. Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana had a baby girl and Jack Black and his wife, had their first baby, a boy. Jack was so excited at the opening of his new movie "Nacho Libre", that he stated, "I'm going to be the best daddy in the world. In fact I'm going to enter the 'Best Daddy In The World" contest and I'm going to win it!".......My favorite blonde that I love to hate, Ann Coulter, will appear on 'Jay Leno' tonight with George Carlin.......Heather McCartney announced that as soon as her divorce is final, she intends on suing every newspaper and magazine that ragged on her. Looks like she'll be busy for a while!

Phantom Fat

Sounds like the name of a band, doesn't it? I've actually never heard the term 'phantom fat' until I saw it in a book the other day. It's not an actual term from a medical or psychiatric reference book though. I saw it in a short story about a woman who was once fat. She spent her whole childhood and adolesence being overweight and finally lost all her extra pounds as an adult. Even after a number of years of being thin, she said she could still feel her fat and all the pain that it brought her all those years every time she stepped in front of a mirror. She was the one who called it 'phantom fat'. She compared herself to someone who had lost a limb and, years later, was still experiencing pain in the empty space which one held an arm or a leg. Probably many wouldn't agree with this analogy, but for those who were once overweight, especially as children and teenagers, they can surely relate to the pain and isolation that comes from being different. I certainly could relate to it. In fact, I could have been her. I carried around an extra forty pounds of fat before I finally took it off right before my high school graduation. I never had a date in high school, not many friends and certainly didn't go to my prom because of it. Years later, I can still feel that 'phantom fat' with me. Thankfully, not all the time, but sometimes definitely. Whenever I see a young child who is overweight or a teenager who is struggling with their body image because they are not skinny, I can feel their pain.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How Popular Is Your Blog?

While I'm preparing a post about body image, I thought I would pass this along. I found it on a friend's blog In her post, she writes about how she found a site which can measure blog popularity. You can click on her blog post or go directly to Give it a might be surprised at what you find!

Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup Frenzy

Normally, I would never blog about the World Cup Soccer event. Afterall, this is a fashion, beauty, diet, exercise, blogging, gossip blog. The World Cup Soccer event doesn't fit anywhere in my ever-expanding niche. Then, I came across this photo of some of the Argentinian players. Notice how they're carrying shopping bags and pocketbooks? These are my kind of fashion-foward, metrosexual guys who aren't afraid to show their feminine side. I'm already rooting for this team (are they still playing??). If you one of the millions who have caught World Cup fever, then you already know that tonight the Australians are playing against the Japanese (is there any country that doesn't have a soccer team?). Needless to say the Australians are besides themselves that their team made it this far. Can't wait to see their team's accessories!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

More About Vivi

I just wanted to post a short message about my prior post regarding Vivi, the missing whippet. One anonymous reader commented that the photo I posted was not Vivi. True. The photo is not Vivi. Vivi is actually much more white than gray. I find it ironic that there are few photos available for posting of this missing dog. I would think that if one would want her to be found, they would post more images of her on the internet, but there are actually too few. Thanks to the anonymous reader for pointing this out....and next time, leave your name.

Matt Lauer Vs. Ann Coulter

As you probably already know, Ann Coulter has been hawking her new book about liberals....."Something, something, something Godless". She's been up against some tough interviewers, but no one is really tougher than Matt Lauer. Remember his in-your-fact confrontation with Tom Cruise? He certainly didn't back down from Ann (who wisely took my advice and had her roots touched up for the occasion). Everyone who has interviewed Ann about her book, has confronted her about her unfair treatment of the widows of 9/11 (strangely, she mentions nothing about the widowers of 9/11). Ann is taken aback by Matt's pummeling questioning (actually, he was a lot nicer to her than anyone else who interviewed her) and she responds "you're being nasty with me", but she says it with a flirty little smile. I've come to the conclusion that perhaps Ann is just another frustrated woman who can't stop her biological clock from ticking. Maybe she sees those widows as just more competition for her in the real world where she just can't get a date to save her life. Maybe if she stopped trying to arm wrestle her potential boyfriends, she could get past the first date!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blog Surfing News

Today I received two messages via e-mail regarding blog surfing sites. The first was from Blog Explosion. Apparently, this site is up for sale once again, since the proposed buyers couldn't secure financing to complete the deal. As a result, the current owners are...well, still current owners, but they still would love to sell Blog Explosion. If you've been waiting for a great business opportunity, then here's your chance. While the current owners are trying to sell their site, there will be less time to spend on approving new applicants, so if you have applied to Blog Explosion you may have to wait a bit for your blog to be approved. Meanwhile, over at Blog Advance, they are getting ready get their party started at 12PM today. The person who surfs the most blogs by 12 midnight tonight once the party gets started, will win $50 (that's cash, not points) paid to your paypal account!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Message From Blog Advance

Dear members, OK, so we teased you about an opportunity to earn 30 credits - quickly and easily. Just for making a blog entry. And you want to know what its all about. So here is the deal: Please write an article about Dropping Knowledge on your Blog. Of course only if you like or hate their idea enough, in short: If you find it interesting. What their idea is Dropping Knowledge is a charity that wants you and your friends to ask questions - any questions - to find out what you would like to change about the world. These questions are collected, discussed, and projects will be formed to address your wishes and worries. They want to better the world without the help of governments, politicians or the mainstream media, to really get to the core of matters that bug people. It’s a way to give every person a voice… and that voice, via a posted question, should actually lead to change. So, why are they giving out 30 credits if you blog about them? Well, you as a blogger are an opinion leader, and they want to hear your opinion. Of course, you’re free to write something positive, something negative, treat it serious, ridicule it, question it or post something about the question you asked on their website. They respect the Blogosphere, freedom of expression is sacred to them - after all, it is what half their project is about. They really want your honest opinion. Visit the site, check it out. If you like (or hate) the concept, write a blog entry about it and/or host their webband - you can find that (and the appropriate code) at If you write an article about them, BlogAdvance will credit you 20 credits. If you additionally carry the webband, we’ll give you 10 extra for a total of 30 credits. Deb and tell her you have posted on your blog to confirm you are participating. We’re going to check your entry out and immediately credit you accordingly! This is a great organization and if you care about what goes on in YOUR world, then help support this worthy cause! The BlogAdvance Team BlogAdvance To contact visit our contact page

Now That I've Got Your Attention.....

Okay, now that I've got your attention, I'm here to remind you that it's that time of year again....swimsuit season. It's a time that strikes the utmost fear into the hearts of most women. There's nothing more challenging than having to try on a bathing suit in a dressing room with poor overhead lighting, three-way mirros and surveillance cameras. The good news is that black is the new black, at least in terms of swimsuit colors. As all women know (we were born with this knowledge), black is the most slimming color on the planet and it's the hottest new color in swimsuit fashion this season. For those who don't have a bikini body like my friend in the photo (she's really not my friend, by the way!), here are a few tips for buying a bathing suit: Besides choosing black (at lease for the bottom part of your body), vertical strips placed strategically on the suit can give the body a much more elongated and slimmer look. Shirring at the waist can give the illusion of a much more defined tummy area. If you have a small bust, choose a suit that has an underwire demi bra built into it to give you a more balanced look. If you love a two-piece bathing suit (like I do), but don't want a bikini, try a tankini instead. Two companies are offering women the opportunity to buy a swimsuit made from a brand new material that will slim you down, without choking you to death. The material they use, called Miratex, can be found in the brand name Miracle Suits, which offer the most comfort, while giving you the most slimming looks. They can be found at and

Thursday, June 08, 2006

And The Award For the Most Multi-Tasking Shoe Goes To...

Reef Fanning!!! Are these not the cutest pair of flip flops you've ever seen??? Okay, this is a really crappy picture of these sandals, but they come in the most fashion forward colors. Yes, they're adorable, comfortable, great for the beach but, best of all, they house a bottle opener on the underside of the sandal. For more information about this must-have for the summer (yes, you can get the exact same sandals in cool colors for guys....great for Father's Day), go to

Bye Shiloh!

If you think your mind is playing tricks on you because Shiloh's famous first photo was there yesterday, with her fabulous mom and dad, but gone today, you're not losing it. I did remove the photo. I'm not afraid of being sued by 'People'. They are more interested in going after the bigger sites like, but out of respect for the parents (not necessarily my favorite people) who sold the photos for charity. Now 'People' (which supposedly paid four million dollars) will have to duke it out with 'Hello' (which reportedly paid 3.5 million, but to whom?). In the meantime, Shiloh and the rest of her family will be leaving Nambia shortly for Paris, where she will get to meet her grandmother (Angelina's mom) for the first time.

Blog Advance Is Having A Party!

Blog Advance is having a party and you're invited. On Saturday, June 10th, you can surf from 12PM-4-PM and essentially earn two credits for every blog you surf. There will also be contests through out the afternoon so don't forget to log on to Blog Advance during those hours to get the most credits for your surfing! If you're not a member already, you can click on the Blog Advance icon in my sidebar. You'll receive fifty credits just for signing up! Party on Garth!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ann Coulter - The Goddes Of The Godless

Yesterday was the debut of Ann Coulter's new book, 'The Church of Liberalism Godless". Since this is a beauty and blogging blog and I've been very remiss about mentioning neither very regularly lately, I thought I would make this my niche post for the week and kill two birds with one stone (one bird being a diehard conservative). Don't get me wrong, Ann is a beautiful and very intelligent woman, who can spin better than most of those stuffed shirts in D.C. Politically, I can't think of one thing we have in common, but I still find her somewhat fascinating, but it's not her politics that fascinate's her hair. It's mind boggling to me that Ann, who can frequently be seen on most of the cable news shows, allows herself to be put before the camera with her dark roots showing much more than the allowable one inch (I didn't make up this rule, a famous hair stylist did that). Frankly, it's disconcerting that someone who is so highly visible would a let her roots grow out to the point where one must wonder why she doesn't fire her freakin' stylist for not pointing this out to her. Who cares if she thinks that all liberals are the spawn of Satan (isn't that why she released her book on 6/6/6/?). If she really wants women to listen and respect her views, then she needs to touch up those roots at least once a month, otherwise forget it! Maybe she can become a spokesperson for Clairol or Revlon like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore. Afterall, why should all the liberals corner the beauty market. Certainly there's room enough for one conservative. Anything to get those roots touched up! As for the blogging part of my niche....Ann Coulter is the number one search (just in case you're keeping track).

Heather's Dilemma

Apparently, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, posed naked for a book and possibly a tape containing poses of her in compromising positions with men. A representative of Heather said that while she won't deny doing this, it was many years ago, and it was done for the purpose of a sexual how-to manual. Meanwhile, Heather's first book on how to have a balanced life, has just been released, but Heather is nowhere in sight to promote it. The publisher's timing couldn't be worse as Heather's popularity (was she ever really popular though?) has plummeted. I may be in the minority, but I like this woman. She took a bad situation (losing her leg in a motor accident) and did the best she could with it, raising money for worthy causes. She got a bad rap for busting into Jennifer Lopez' office of her fashion design house because she was protesting Jennifer using authentic furn in her fashion designs. I support her for doing that. It couldn't have been easy being married to the most famous man in music history (besides Elvis Presly). Her wanting to use his fame to further her worthy causes is not a bad thing. I guess anyone who married the cute Beatle will get their share of lumps in the press. Many years ago, when Linda Eastman married Paul, she was branded as the woman who got pregnant to get Paul to marry him and she was despised by many of his fans. Years passed and we began to see Linda in a differnt light, as a wife, mother, activist and talented photographer. She also supported her husband's music career by traveling on the road with him and being part of his band (something she admitted years later she never really wanted to do, but she wanted to stand by her man). In the end, she was missed dearly as Paul's partner. Too bad for Heather that she won't be around long enough to get the respect she probably deserves as well.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An Invitation From ProBlogger

For those who don't know (and if you're a blogger you really should), Darren Rowse is the man who heads up the mother of all blogs, Problogger. Now he is extending an invitation to other bloggers to write a post on their blogs about bloggin goals. He wants you to really think outside the box and be creative with this and, when you're done, send the post to him to be included in a special section of Problogger. This is a great way to expose your blog to the rest of the world and, increase your traffic. For more information, go to

Shiloh Nouvel - Diamond Girl

If you don't already know it (and you would have to have been living under a rock not to) Brad and Angelina not only had a baby girl (named pretentiously, Shiloh Nouvel), but they are peddling their baby's photos in the name of charity, as I write. Actually, these first photos of baby Shiloh have been sold to 'People' magazine to the tune of of millions of dollars. I guess Shiloh's parents figured someone will get the photos anyway, so why not sell them for a worthy cause. Unfortunately, someone already has beaten them to it. As reported on 'The Insider', several internet sites have posted photos of the happy couple lying side by side, in bed, with baby Shiloh placed between them. Believe me, if I had found the photos, you would be looking at them right now instead of the diamond-studded pacifier that apparently may have been a gift to the little princess. Another blogger posted that Shiloh's mom has registered no less than twenty-four domain sites in honor of her new baby (Tom Cruise only has one for his new baby). In any event it should be interesting to see where and when this baby turns up and surely, she will be the most identified child in the universe well before her first birthday.

Vivi, The Showdog Becomes Urban Legend

Remember months ago when a showdog escaped from its crate at JFK? Perhaps it didn't make big news in the rest of the country, and, in the overall scheme of things around the world, but here in New York, Vivi has become urban legend. After missing for so many months (since February), offering thousands in reward money and employing specialists to track her down, Vivi's whereabouts are still unknown to this day. Vivi has been seen all over Queens, leaving a trail in a park located just north of JFK airport, as well as parks in other parts of Queens (Kissena Park, the Queens Botanical Garden, Flushing Meadows/Corona Park and Alley Park in Bayside). She's been sighted as recently as just two weeks ago back in the area where she was first lost near JFK. The irony in all the attention paid to one dog is that there are literally thousands of lost and stray dogs all over the country, who barely get any attention at all. Her owners wish that those other dogs could get as much attention as their one lost dog, but, as one writer put it, "Vivi is the reverse Cinderella. Her showdog status satisfies our fascination with the elite and beautiful, while her misfortune elicits emotions - pity and concern - that democratize her"(Denise Flaim, writer). As groups of searchers continue in their efforts to find her, Vivi has now become somewhat of an urban legend. Hope still exists that she will be found, because thinking anything else is just too painful.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Microsoft To Purchase Ebay (Maybe)

Late in May there was some blog postings relating to the purchase of Ebay by Microsoft. There's no official word on this, but Microsoft is looking to become bigger than Google. I'm not sure how purchasing Ebay will help them in their quest to become the biggest search engine on the internet, but it will be interesting to see how this will play out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Law And Order: Manilow!

One of my all-time favorite cop shows is 'Law and Order'. How lucky for me there are about seveteen different versions of this show on about eight different channels. This post isn't about the show really, but I thought it deserved a plug. However, the law in Sydney, Australia is trying to maintain some order in a local carpark (parking lot for you yanks) by piping Barry Manilow's greatest hits through a PA system. They'll be playing some of Barry's most popular ('Mandy', 'Copacabana', 'Can't Smile Without You', 'Time In New England') 24 hours a day. Why, might you ask, are they doing this? Well, apparently some hoons (hot rod enthusiasts for you yanks) have been gathering on a nightly basis revving their motors so loud that they are driving away (no pun intended) potential customers for local businesses and restaurants in the area. Apparently, these hoons (motorheads) hate daggy music (easy listening for you yanks) and the local police department hopes that a healthy (or unhealthy as it were) dose of Barry will eventually drive (no pun intended) away. As my regular readers all know, I'm a huge fan of Barry's so I found this both amusing and insulting all at the same time. What can I tell you....Barry brings out the emotion in me. I don't think the law took one thing into account though. Maybe those hoons will become Fanilows after all! (My sincere apologies in advance to fans all over the world for the use of the term Fanilow).

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Summer's here and besides the trying on of new bathing suits, the only other things that strikes fear in the hearts of women is hair removal. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being waxed below the eyebrows can relate. Besides the fact that a stranger is seeing places on your body most other people have to at least buy you dinner to do, this stranger usually doesn't speak English very well, which makes it all the more anxiety provoking. I've actually only done this once and once is all it took for me to realize that there's no amount of money that could get me to go back to this method. Shaving is always an option, but that has its downside as well. For one the stubble is always visible to the naked eye. You also have the chance of ingrown hairs from shaving, shaving bumps and possible infection, which can be dangerous. One product that has gotten a lot of raves from women is Veet. This is a gel that is applied to your legs, bikini area, etc. (except the face). After approximately six minutes you can remove the gel with the Veet razor. This is a bladeless razor that is made to safely remove the gel and hair. If there is any hair remaining in the treated area, you can re-apply the Veet for another few minutes to finish up the job. This can be safely used on all kinds of body hair, whether you have fine or course secondary hair, it will do the job nicely. This product sells in most stores for around $10, but several websites are giving a discount right now of about 30%. Go to for more information about discount with purchase.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Wanted: Family Vacation!

It's that time of year when my husband and I mull over all the vacation possibilities that will fit both our schedules, kids' agendas and pocketbook. After ruling out anywhere which would require us to spend money staying in a hotel and eating in restaurants, we finally decided to go somewhere and rent a private home, condo or villa. This way we can spend less money on running around looking for a restaurant that we all like and more time doing fun things. Our kids are older and ideally they would like to take a friend along. If we stayed in a hotel, it would be impossible to afford two more people, but if we rent a vacation home, we will have plenty of room and it won't cost us anymore money for lodging. We've even discussed the possibility of taking our two little dogs with us as well. There are plenty of pet-friendly condos and private homes to be found. One possible destination is Orlando. With so much to do, Vacation home Orlando reports that Orlando welcomes more visitors each year than the total population of California. It is the number one tourist destination in the world. I don't think we could ever run out of things to do there and no matter how young or old you are, there's something for everyone there!

Changing The World One Child At A Time

Well, so much for niche blogging. I can't seem to stick to just one or two topics. Here, I make no exception as I write about Diane Sawyer's Primetime special about foster children. I knew it would be emotional for me. You see, I'm an adoptive mother. I didn't give birth to my children, but I am still their mom. They came to be because their own mothers couldn't care for them and I wanted children of my own, but couldn't conceive. Wanting to much to be a mother, it's hard for someone like me to watch how other parents screwed up so badly that their children had to be removed from the home. One girl was so badly abused and neglected, she was forced to eat from the raw carcass of a deer found by the side of the road to keep from starving to death. She was so dirty, cockroaches had to be surgically removed from her ear. The worst of it though was that she was continuously sexually abused. Later, she was adopted by loving parents who had to place her in a group home for abused girls (the same home where Marilyn Monroe lived many years earlier when she was just known as Norma Jean. If Marilyn were still alive she would have celebrated her 80th birthday this week!) This young girl was acting out at home with younger children and could no longer live with her family. All because her biological mother was too strung out on drugs to care about what happened to any of her children (a fact which she denies until this day). Another little boy was found being raised by the family dog because mom was always out trying to score her next high. The toddler was so accustomed to being around the dog that he tried to eat and drink off the floor and panted like a dog. Thankfully, his foster parents, with lots of love and patience, were able to completely turn things around for him because he was young enough. Older children in the foser care system are not so lucky. My point is that there are lots of kids out there waiting for one person who will always be there for them for the rest of their lives. Being forced to move from home to home is not less traumatic than being forced to live in a war zone. If you are reading this post and think you can't help, then think again. If you don't want to foster a child, but think there's a better way to change the system, then write to your local congress representative. If you want more information about foster and/or adoption services in your state, then check out this website at You can make the difference! You can change the world one child at a time.....just like I did!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Not-So-Simple Life of Paris And Nicole

'The Simple Life' will begin it's newest season starting this Sunday at 9PM on the 'E' Network. 'E' has been hyping the new season for the last few months by showing re-runs and snippets from the new season. Fox dropped this show like a hot potato when Paris and Nicole split and Paris tried to replace Nicole with someone else (Rod Stewart's daugther). 'E' stepped in and made a deal with both Paris and Nicole that they could continue on their network, but there was one hitch. Apparently, Paris and Nicole hate each other. The solution was to tape the first episode with them together. Each subsequent episode would have one or the other, but not both together. The hype about their split has been so intense, it makes me wonder if maybe the split itself isn't a hype to promote the show since it's no longer on Fox. Everyone wants a piece of the ongoing feud, or so it seems. MTV plans to pit the duo against each other in a celebrity death match. What next....having their pooches compete on Animal Planet? Frankly, I think they peaked a while ago as a team anyway and the new season is supposed to be horrific (as if they first two were bad enough).

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